high style on a budget

Posted in: Uncategorized on Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

here at ‘the mood’ we’ve been obsessed with the awesome lines of minotti’s allen sofa (pictured above) for quite some time. the sofa, carried exclusively in the denver area at studio como, is a testament to how good design is often the most simple.

for those of us who don’t have sofa budgets in the tens of thousands of dollars, there are some great, similar options in other companies.

camerich, for example, has their alison sofa (pictured below) which is available in an infinite variety of combinations. this is a great option for people with kids or pets who are looking for a clean modern look – the alison’s fabric is actually a tailored slip cover that can be removed and dry cleaned if a spill or stain should occur, and when the fabric has reached the end of it’s life, it can be easily reproduced without the expense of full reupholstery.

another great option, which will soon be on the showroom floor at modmood, is the manhattan by sohoConcept (pictured below). this wonderful sofa is not only good looking, but is also comfortable and well constructed. this is a great, clean lined piece that can fit in with a number of styles, most especially with a cool, relaxed modern feel.

we realize that the subject of “knockoff” or similar items is often touchy, but since the original items are also often out of reach of the everyman, we’re happy that these items exist. after all, the modern movement started as a way to bring great furniture to the masses, so why shouldn’t it continue down that path?