modern tide

Posted in: blog on Friday, September 7th, 2012

last night, the modmood crew got the chance to take in a screening of design on film’s latest project with director jake gorst, modern tide: midcentury architecture on long island. this was a great piece on how the architecture of, specifically the east end of long island, changed and progressed after world war two.

the film dealt with the progression of modern architecture from the quickly built modern homes of the post war era through the new designs of architects like charles gwothmey, phillip johnson, as well as husband and wife team barbara and julian neski, among others.

the film was also a call to arms to save these homes which have been torn down as the land has become more valuable and the want for larger homes has trumped the desire for preservation.

below, our own elizabeth farrell gives her take on the film:

modern tide was a great film discussing the progression of architecture in long island and i would recommend this film to all to see. this film showed how architecture of a home defines the way you live.

the part of this film that interested me the most was how simplistic the designs of the long island vacation homes were during the times of modern architecture. the modern designs of the homes encouraged families to spend time together in the open family areas of the home, or better yet out on the beach. summer vacation truly was about family and spending time together. it was discouraging to see the progression from modern architecture, to huge poorly crafted mansions being built along the coast, primarily in the hamptons. many modern homes built by noteworthy architects were destroyed and in their place mansions were built that discouraged the previous ideas of what summer vacation with family was truly all about.

this film did a great job capturing photographs and video of the modern homes, and descriptive commentary from both architects and historians helped portray the story and the progression of the times.

come on down to the mood and let us show you how modern design can help you and yours live harmoniously with your space!

check out the trailer here.