modmood is a full design and resource center with innovative and unique products.  our creative team  can add that modern edge to your style, whatever that is…

ready to assist you in creating a pleasing, harmonious and functional space reflective of your style:

…whether you are blending existing furnishings or starting from scratch

….need to set a budget or need a plan

…get the most “bang for your buck”

…trying to merge two households and styles

…too busy to fool with it

…or you don’t know where to start

the modmood design team can help!

modmood has staging services available if you want to create a great modern look for your home before putting it on the market.  we have the furniture and the design expertise to set your property apart.

modmood also offers a proprietary style profile that is uniquely formulated to give you insight into your distinct decorating style.  the profile will determine your root, your mood and your edge.

please feel free to contact us for further information.