RETRO Consignment offers our customers and design clients a great selection of pre-owned 1950-1970‘s atomic, retro, modern, mod and mid-century furniture, art and accessories.  one source of these items is our consignees so we like to make your consignment effort, painless and profitable.   RETRO Consignment is located at 44th and wadsworth a major metro denver intersection.  our merchandising, web presence, along with personable and effective sales staff will help you realize the maximum price for your pieces.

how to consign


prior to bringing in the item we would encourage you to either bring a photo or email an image to pat@modmood.com so that the value and sell-ablity can be determined.

in the event that you have a large number of items to consign we will also make house calls, you may call pat gooch at 303.502.7899 to arrange an appointment.

in store evaluations for smaller items can be made during normal business hours, please call (303.728.9497) prior to coming to be sure someone will be available.

refinishing, painting or re-upholstery is not necessary and in many instances reduces the selling price.

arrangements for pick-ups can be made at no charge but may be factored into the final commission percentage.

providing all information known about the item will be a helpful selling tools to RETRO Consignment sales staff.

price it right!

RETRO Consignment allows the consignor to establish the pricing with minimums.  keep in mind that pricing your item should be based on brand name, general condition, patina, repairs and general consumer demand.  50% of the net sale goes directly to the consignor.

pricing changes do not necessarily occur on a 30 day agenda as in some stores, particularly if the piece is a special collectors piece.  your items will be discounted for all RETRO Consignment sales and dealer purchases and may also be subject to discounts for a customer taking multiple items.  a maximum and minimum sell price will be determined with the initial consignment agreement.


payment by check

payment for consignment sales are available on the 10th of the following month after the sale.

payment through store credit

store credit will be issued immediately after sale of item(s).

consignment period

once your consignment piece has been delivered to RETRO Consignment the piece will remain there until sold.

consignment pick-up

consignment pick-up may be available and factored in to the final payment.

why consign with RETRO Consignment?

we have many shoppers coming into our store which will provide increased exposure for your item(s)

metro denver convenient location

unique greenhouse showroom

we provide on-line exposure of your piece(s)

by providing in-store visits to see merchandise we can eliminate security concerns versus home sales.