wheat ridge mid-century and modern home tour

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don’t miss the wheat ridge mid-century and modern home tour, saturday september 7th 1-5 and the after party at modmood from 4-8 pm featuring live music, food and libations.  presenters of the tour: wheatridge 2020 organization and sponsor include not only modmood and RETRO Consignment but Live Urban Realtors and First Bank.  tickets are limited so buy yours now!   (p.s. btw ticket includes a coupon for $20 off a $50 purchase at modmood….shhhhhh)

this column recently ran in the neighborhood gazette talking a bit about some of the gems found within the wheat ridge community.  (written by the new home, garden and lifestyle columnist for the gazzette…me!)

wheat ridge homes showcase the modern movement

as one who enjoys design, home styling, art and architecture i’ve found wheat ridge to be a hidden gem of fun and funky mid-century and modern design.

wheat Ridge enjoys the prestige of having developed as a suburban community in the 1950’s and 60’s.  This growth paralleled the modernism movement and is represented by many of the mid-century modern and california ranch style homes that dot our community.

many of these homes are still occupied by the original home owner, which make this even more intriguing.  over the course of time the initial intent of the architecture may be hidden, understandably after 50 plus years of style change.  now with mid-century and modern design making a huge come back, how do we capitalize on this era of homes and bring them back to their original intended design esthetic or take them forward to a more modern style while still capturing the great nuances?

simplify:  mid-century and modern homes have clean, crisp lines both inside and out.

neutralize:  the canvas of the home should be uncomplicated (neutral) allowing the furnishings to pop.

go green:  organic elements are welcome in these environments and bring a warmth to the clean, crisp lines and neutral canvas.

furnish and accessorize:  furniture of the era is generally simple, smaller in scale but a few exceptional pieces here and there are always great additions.

through the renovation of the 1950‘s Davis home, wheat ridge residents monte and carla mead have  captured perfectly the mid-century modern era.


fashion and furniture

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to introduce myself a bit, one of my personal interests is fashion.  i have a few favorite fashion designers that i follow very closely, i am always excited in the spring and fall for fashion week to see the new designs and trends for the upcoming seasons. and most importantly i find it fascinating that fashion repeats itself and i love the way fashion has changed and evolved over the generations. working at modmood for the last few months i have been able to translate my interest in fashion designs and trends to the great furniture pieces and accessories we select for our showroom. i was unaware how much fashion and furniture trends have in common. mercedes benz fashion week occurred a few months ago and after the event many analyzed the similarities between the numerous designers that presented collections during the week, one similarity that was found in this past show was an aquatic inspiration from many of the designers. numerous dresses and designs were made with beautiful shades of blue and green that relate to water and the designers manipulated fabrics to show movement and fluidity.  shown below are two designs with this inspiration, the one on the left is by zac posen and the one on the right was designed by diane von furstenberg.









in a new accessory line we carry, arteriors, i was recently exploring new products for the upcoming season and found the lamps displayed below. the lamps were obviously designed with the same aquatic inspiration as the fashion designers.

another trend that was projected from fashion week was stripes. big, bold, graphic stripes.  pictured below are two designs michael kors sent down the runway showing this trend.









these corresponding vases are made by global views, which is one of modmood’s favorite vendors for accessories. the stripes on these vases are practically identical to michael kors’ designs!


as you can see the similarities between the products are apparent. i have had fun putting my interest of fashion trends to use here in the store, and i hope no matter your interests, fashion or furniture, you come in and check out the new innovative designs by all of the vendors we carry here at modmood!




color, are you afraid?

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recently while traveling i was reading house beautiful.  this particular issue focussed on color and the articles reminded me how much i love color.  our store is full of color; teal sofa’s, orange chairs, vibrant rugs, tons of fabric, even the outside of our store is a great reddish orange.  as i often tell our customers it doesn’t take much to imagine a beige sofa but seeing an orange one…well sometimes you just have to touch and feel it to know it’s magic.

so many people love color and yet when it comes to buying furniture, painting their walls or actually using a color other than something very muted they shy away.

if you love color but are concerned about how to use it or whether you may tire of the color, here are a few ideas you can try:

paint – the nice thing about paint is that it isn’t crazy expensive and even less so if you do it yourself.  don’t be afraid to paint a wall, a ceiling, a half-bath or even a piece of furniture in a great vibrant color…you can always change it.

pillows – a great back drop for color is white.  paint a room white, the furniture white and then add some great colorful pillows to the bed.  if you tire of the color/colors you just have to change pillows.  you can also have a pillow and throw collection for all 4 seasons!

wall decor – posters, fine art and even your own painted canvases can add huge amounts of drama and color to your room without breaking the bank.  spray painting mirror frames and wall accessories are also a great way to add a punch of color.

rugscompany c is one of the rug lines that we carry and let me tell you they aren’t afraid to use color.  indoor outdoor rugs by company c and  loloi are a great way to add color in your kitchen and back entrance.  these rugs can take the abuse and bring you joy as you walk into your home.

note: when using color it is good to have some visual rest (areas that are “quiet” between the color) is important.

don’t be afraid to use color and  feel free to chat with me about it next time your in “the mood”.   there are so many colors to work with and ways to incorporate it.  i like what the artist melissa barbieri said when asked what was her favorite color:

…“why choose just one color when you can enjoy them all”

modern, contemporary or just plain kitsch!

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since modmood and RETRO Consignment has modern, contemporary and vintage 50′s and 60′s furniture, we are often asked to explain the difference between the styles. also, we will get a design client that will say they like or want modern furniture, when it is really a contemporary look they want.  so…i thought i would talk today about the various differences in those three styles of furniture, furnishings and accessories.

modern furniture is generally described as a style of furniture that originated in the post-war era (mid 1900′s; 50′s, 60′s and some 70′s).  these pieces have a very distinct look and design.  this style was greatly influenced by the scandinavian contemporary and bauhaus movements.  many of the pieces were designed by architects of the time.  there are many iconic pieces from the modern era.

some examples of modern furniture:

contemporary furniture, on the other hand, is exactly what it states;  current and new furnishings…what is happening now.

contemporary style (design, art, and furnishings) changes, it is dynamic with fewer rules and more open-ended applications than modern.  these fewer rules and open-ended applications allow for incorporation of new and innovative materials.  what was contemporary in a certain time period (such as the yellow and orange photo below) may not be contemporary in the future (photo 2). another factor that is often attributed to contemporary design but not necessarily correct is that it is very “cold”.   while in some instances it can be (a lot of contemporary work in the 90′s and early 00′s might have been) it is not necessarily a perquisite for a contemporary look.

currently contemporary design may incorporate organic or even mid century modern elements as seen below:

50’s and 60’s vintage can incorporate many looks.

if you like the mcm (mid-century modern) style then you are going to be drawn specifically to the iconic pieces of modernism developed in this time period.  if you are more into the atomic style then you are going to be drawn to those items we all remember from “george jetson” era.  and if you are just plain vintage you will be attracted to all those items that your grandma had in the basement…you know those things that made you wonder what grandma and grandpa did on friday night with that old bar with the great bar stools, the record player and the mountains of martini’s sets.  oh yeah, let’s not forget that formica dinette table now in their garage.

modern furniture and vintage kitsch is static, the pieces are what the pieces are…where contemporary furniture is very dynamic and is constantly changing.  you may find 70′s contemporary but it will look entirely different from 2010 contemporary.

does this explanation work?  i would love to have your feed back.

modern twist to classic styles

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the modmood design studio is a sweet surprise.  when we first began working on our business plan and the floor place for the store there was a little area in the back that seemed to accommodate perfectly a small design area.  having had a design studio in knoxville, tn prior to joining the corporate life i was anxious to get back to my passion.

i can remember standing in the middle of this little space, once the fabrics, tile, rugs, paints and pillows starting coming in, and telling pat, “i don’t care if i ever do any business back here i just love being surrounded by all these things”.

needless to say, what is going on back in that little area is far above and beyond my expectations.  i guess it goes back to doing what you love and the success will follow.

the growth in our studio has required us to take a leap and that is to purchase another building (if you can believe we don’t have enough room in this one!) and expand our studio even further.  so…we have a place under contract and if all our zoning issues are resolved you will see further expansion of the modmood studio later this year.

most of the work we do in the studio comes from those who walk into the store.  you would think that since we have a lot of contemporary, vintage and mid-century modern in the store that the design opportunities would follow those styles.  however, much of our work encompasses MANY styles.  i was recently discussing this with one of our modmood fans and he said he thinks it is because there are so may people that want to get outside their style box but are nervous about it.  they feel comfortable with you and your team because your experience is in many styles and you can bring that modern edge to the more classic looks…hence our new tag line: modmood a modern twist to the classic styles.

check out our design page and see some of the things we’re doing.  there are a few photos of some of our work posted.  we will soon have a before and after segment but in the meantime have fun browsing at some of the photographed staged units.

2012 is here!

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2012 is here and we have all made our resolutions, right?  was one of yours to do something with the space you live in?

mine was…you would think since i do a lot of the designing and merchandising for the store that my own home would be a showplace.  but in fact the old adage, “the cobblers children have no shoes” is alive and well at my home. hopefully this year i can get a few more things done and practice what i preach.

sermon #1 – layering

it doesn’t have to happen all at once.  just as in nature, layer by layer we can build our space and environment.  we can do a few things first, live with it, then add the next, and the next, and so on.  often, when we try doing too much too fast, we can end up with an overly decorated space AND furnishings and accessories that don’t really speak to us or about us.

i had one client recently tell me that his impatience is probably due to the fact that he watches too much HGTV and wants to have it done in a weekend like all those home makeover shows.  i say, go away for a weekend, leave your credit card and we could do just that.

but, do you really want to have it decorated and done or would you rather have something that is an extension of you?

my husband and i were talking this morning about how much we enjoy working with the folks that come into our store…  our customers and clients are very connected to their homes and each piece and thing purchased is a treasure.  they aren’t just filling their homes with truckloads of furniture but are deliberately selecting and examining each piece to make sure it’s the right one.  a far cry from those who fill up there homes with pieces, designs and colors only to impress or worse just to get it done (mark it off their list).

so, let us help you jump start your resolution and come into modmood and RETRO Consignment and enjoy our

design services and design department

beautiful new and used furnishings and accessories

our vintage collectibles (also can be seen on v and m)

great collection of consignment furnishings

register on our contacts page for our monthly promotions.

and….if you keep us busy enough i won’t have to feel guilty come 2013 when i haven’t completed by home make-over!

2012 fast approaching!

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hopefully you are surviving phase one of the holiday season!  are you looking forward to the new year?
we are!  2012 looks very exciting for modmood and RETRO Consignment.  can i give you a few hints?


modmood studio

modern shed

custom furniture

buy it on-line


fabulous sculpted wall panels

you’ll be hearing more about each of these in the coming months.  our goal is to  offer the friends of modmood and RETRO Consignment unique experiences and products.  we know the economy  and the stresses of our daily lives can take it’s toll and we want to make your home and businesses special, exciting and fun.

we are so appreciative to all of you who have faithfully supported our new business this year.  2011 was a very successful year for us, not only have we exceeded our overall sales goals, developed some wonderful vendor relationships, met some of colorado’s great local artists, but we have met so many new friends who have become a regular part of our lives.

it is an added bonus for all our hard work when you spread the word to your friends and it is especially exciting when you bring your out of town guests, friends and family to experience modmood and RETRO Consignment.

thanks so much for making 2011 a good year and we are wishing you and your all the very best in 2012!

happy thanksgiving!

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the push is on to get the store decorated for the “holidays”.  since when did the holidays mean christmas and it starts before halloween?

it’s very difficult to mix  halloween, thanksgiving and christmas decorations, don’t you think?

anyway before i get started on the holiday decorations i wanted to take a little time to talk about my favorite holiday… thanksgiving.

why have i always liked thanksgiving?

  • first it is in some form or another a 4 day holiday
  • there are no gifts associated with it – except maybe bringing some food to someones house
  • there are relatively little or no decorations
  • as a single mom it was one of the holidays that was not devastating if it wasn’t my turn to have the kids.

even though i am no longer able to enjoy the 4 day holiday (since friday is the biggest shopping day of the year and we ARE retail) it’s still a favorite.  our oldest daughter now hosts our thanksgiving celebrations, accepting and assigning contributions from all for our favorite dishes.   she enjoys having a lot of people around on the holidays so needless to say the crowd usually involves not only our immediate family (13) but various grand parents, in-laws and other friends and we’re never quite sure who “those friends” might be.  i recently overheard a conversation she was having with a visitor to our store:

customer: “are you open on thanksgiving”

samantha: “no, we take that as a holiday, won’t you be with family and or friends?”

customer: “no, i don’t have any family here”

samantha: “come and have lunch with us”

i held my breath (as i’m not as generous as she is)

customer: “no, no, no, i don’t like all that family stuff, just thought i’d like somewhere to go during the day!”

whew!!!  but i have to love her heart and intentions…right?

thanksgiving for our family is fun for all…we go bowling first thing, yep that’s right bowling on thanksgiving.  then for all who are interested there is brunch around 11:00.

"papa pat" with the 2 oldest grand children cyrus and eli, bowling!

after brunch/lunch, we lay around, watch football and/or do some planned activities (usually some form of arts and crafts). then the feeding frenzy begins!

the craft this year was making pilgrim hats, aren't we a handsome crowd??

it’s interesting how each person holds their own idea of what one should eat for thanksgiving.  there’s the turkey bunch…the ham bunch…the healthy bunch… and the vegetarians and all the side dishes that go with each.

but somehow it all comes together beautifully and we have a great dinner, watch a little  MORE football, nap and then the deserts begin – what are your favorite thanksgiving day deserts?  some of my favorites are pumpkin pie, pecan pie, hershey delight

happy thanksgiving!

before i leave the thanksgiving celebration and go take care of my decorating, i wanted to tell you one of things we are thankful for… our friends.  you have made this little retirement project absolutely delightful, thanks for being a part of our modmood family.

i’ve put together a few things in modmood and RETRO Consignment that remind me of colorado’s  beautiful fall weather and also of thanksgiving.  enjoy…and when you’re out and about on “black friday” come visit “the mood”!

modmood’s birthday

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it’s hard to believe that over a year has past since we opened our store/consignment/design center!  we want to thank all our wonderful customers and faithful followers for supporting this local business…YOU ARE THE BEST!

we purchased the building in january of 2010 and officially opened in the fall of 2010, in the midst of an economic crisis.  probably not the smartest thing –  in most peoples minds (even flashed through ours at times), but in hindsight we were brilliant!

it has been a great experience.  the city of wheat ridge has been fabulous to work with and wheat ridge 2020 worked very closely with us and helped us receive a federal grant for the renovation of this historic piece of our little city.  i love the wheat ridge tag line, “deep roots and a short commute”, and that’s the truth.  a lot of the work we do is downtown and guess what, it’s a 10 minute shot down 38th or 44th.  so those of you holding off because you think wheat ridge is in “east egypt” come on over!

when we first looked at the building (photos below) pat asked me, “are we too old for this?”  we may be,  but it’s keeping us young and we’re learning a lot.



in case you’re wondering we are very diverse:  staging, design, retail, consignment, estate sales/liquidations…look for more in 2012 (it’s already in the works)

are you in the mood for style?

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it’s been a while since i’ve posted anything but that’s only because a lot of good things are happening at modmood and RETRO Consignment.

did you see our profile in both the denver post your hub and the wheat ridge transcript?  it was totally ironic (or someone is bugging our office) that we were approached within days of each other by both publications and they were published on the same day….hmmmmm.  we have also been nominated Business of the Year in Wheat Ridge, keep your fingers crossed for us!

world furniture market las vegas

we recently took to the road and visited the world market in las vegas.it’s our twice a year “vacation” , sort of like this little “retirement project” or ours (modmood and RETRO Consignment).

it was fun and inspiring to see what’s new in the furniture and home decorating industry.  although it’s not the largest furniture market the show offers a lot to those of us who like modern and contemporary.  we purchased many new things which will start receiving in the store in the next few weeks and into late fall.

las vegas tiki

neither pat nor i like gambling and have found other entertainment after spending time in  the buildings and showrooms at the market.

we came across this fabulous little place called frankie’s tiki room…omg it was crazy, like stepping back in time. the decor was fabulous, the bartender had lots of dreads and was totally “rasta” looking and they were playing old casa blanca type movies on the tv’s.

the drink menu was a treat in itself, you may want to bring a flashlight if your not accustomed to reading in the dark.  definitely a must see next time your in vegas!

we hope you are following us as a fan on facebook.  samantha has the difficult and daunting task of posting the new and vintage items as they come into the store.  the only thing is that often the items can go out as quickly as they come in, that’s good news for us but not necessarily for those of your looking for these pieces.  also as a friend of modmood we post our estate sales and you are invited to come to the properties the day before the sale goes public to get early pickin’s.

…if you’re following us on facebook then you know that not only did we purchase NEW modern and contemporary, we also did the “clampett” thing and brought back a lot of vintage pieces.  las vegas is loaded with the 50′s and 60′s furnishings and we always take advantage of our little excursion to bring some home to share with our modmood and RETRO friends.

...and we didn't lose a thing!

here are a few of my favorite vintage pieces that are hidden in the truck!

[Gallery not found]

i also want to show you a few of my favorite NEW things we have coming in:

[Gallery not found]

and best of all pat went crazy over the modern kid’s furniture…coming soon!

[Gallery not found]

there’s so much to share, but going to run.    the next two weeks will be busy with another estate sale and getting ready for the denver modernism show, we’ll have a nice representation of our products at the show.  get your tickets soon and don’t miss the vip party on friday, august 26th.