wedding registry

Posted in: blog on Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

Today weddings are much different than they once were. People are waiting until they are older to settle down and get married, and often couples have lived together for some time prior to their wedding day, and already have many of the necessities of day-to-day life. Wedding registry was once used primarily so the newlyweds could acquire the necessities of starting a household together, all the dishes, bedding, appliances and knick knacks you need when you are right out of high school or college and you are moving into your first home.

With the trend of marrying later and most couples not having a need for household items, the idea of registry has evolved and should continue to evolve to fill the needs and wants of the present day bride and groom. Many stores of all sorts offer options for couples to register. Brides and Grooms should really sit down and think about the places they love to shop together, and the items they have seen in passing that they would love to own and would see value in for years and years to come. Once the bride and groom make these decisions, you would be pleasantly surprised at the stores and shops of all kinds that would be accommodating to figure out ways to do a registry. Many stores even allow you to have multiple people contribute to the purchase of larger more expensive items if need be.

With the progression to a more eco friendly society here in the United States it is also nice to consider that minimal waste is being contributed when only a few large gifts are purchased for the couple instead of multiple smaller ones that the couple has less of a need for. Receiving a few expensive pieces that the couple really wants, and would enjoy for a long time is better for everyone. Knowing that multiple friends and family members pitched in to get you the things you really wanted is also a pretty neat idea.

For all the mid century modern and vintage loving couples out in the world that have a wedding coming up or the people that know a couple that is, keep in mind that modmood would love to provide the perfect home for any and all of the fun pieces we have here in our store! We would be more than happy to arrange a registry that would work perfectly for any and all of the brides and grooms to be.